Below you can find a specific recommendation for CML patients who are on treatment-free remission and are now facing monitoring delays and for CML patients currently considering stopping treatment as well.

Published March 29 2020,

CML, TKI treatment and COVID-19 disease

Authors: Dr Delphine Rea, Saint-Louis University Hospital, Paris, France and Professor Rudiger Hehlmann, ELN/EHA-SWG for CML

CML patients who discontinued TKI therapy for less than 6 to 12 months and who do not have access to regular monitoring of CBC counts and BCR-ABL transcripts in an altered epidemic context are advised to rapidly discuss with their oncologist/hematologist the possibility to restart TKI treatment and postpone TKI discontinuation at the end of the novel Coronavirus epidemy. For the same reasons, TFR attempts during the epidemic phase should be postponed.

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